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dartfords Pashmina Pink Matt Interior Wood Finish 400ml Aerosol

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Fast drying, hard wearing spray paint for all interior woods including MDF, plywood and solid woods such as pine and oak.

Tired old furniture in need of a new look? Plain shelves crying out for a splash of colour? Our interior wood spray paint is what you need, ideal for sprucing up, upcycling, restoring and customising. It isn't just furniture that can be given a facelift with our interior spray paint - doors, bannisters, skirting, woodturnings, carvings.. if it's wood, you can spray it!

WHAT DO YOU GET? A 400ml aerosol spray can filled with our bespoke UltraFill formulation. This allows us to get more usable paint in, giving you faster results and more coverage, about 1 square metre per can.

PREPARATION Surfaces should be clean, dry, free of dust and sanded smooth (320 grit is ideal). While this paint can be used straight on bare wood, for best results - and especially if you're covering up a dark colour - use our Interior Wood Primer first. Mask any areas that you don't want the paint to go on, and clear the space around where you're spraying. Ensure the can is at room temperature, and shake for 2 minutes before use.

SPRAYING Keep the can upright, press the spray head firmly down, spray across the piece in straight lines. Start and finish off the edges of the workpiece, releasing the sprayhead at the end of each stroke. Overlap strokes by 50%.

NUMBER OF COATS We recommend 1-3 coats. More coats will give a more durable finish and more intense colour.

TOP COAT This paint is a durable top coat that does not require any clear lacquer over the top. However, if the item is going to be used a lot we would recommend using our Clear Interior Wood Lacquer over the top for extra protection from wear and scuffs. This paint has a matt finish - for satin or gloss effects, use the appropriate Clear Interior Wood Finish.

SAFETY The aerosol can should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and away from sources of heat and ignition. Spray the paint only either outdoors or in a well ventilated area. Wear appropriate protective equipment when spraying - a mask to prevent inhalation of the vapours, gloves, and an overall to protect your hands and skin, and goggles or a visor to protect your eyes and face. The can is a pressurised container - do not pierce it.

DISPOSAL If the can is completely empty then it can be put in metal recycling. If any paint remains, do not put in recycling or standard waste. Contact your local authority for disposal guidance.

Manufacturer: Rothko and Frost
Brand: dartfords
Product Type: Matt Interior Wood Finish
Colour Group: pink
Colour and Pattern: Pashmina Pink
Liquid Volume: 400ml
Parent SKU: RF6161
MPN: RF6161
EAN: 5055720145277
Case Barcode: 5055720144669
Case Quantity: 12.0
Country of Origin: GB