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dartfords Lightest Brown Interior Spirit Based Wood Dye 1 litre Bottle

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Alcohol based wood dye with strong fade-resistance. Being spirit based it is a non-grain-raising dye and is suitable for all soft- and hardwoods. This general purpose dye can be used for all interior woodwork applications, including flooring. It must be sealed in with an appropriate top coat SIZES AVAILABLE 230ml bottle (approx 2sq m coverage) 1 litre bottle (approx 8sq m coverage) 5 litre bottle (approx 40sq m coverage) COVERAGE Approximately 8sq m per litre, depending on the timber and method of application. If you are doing a single job that will require multiple bottles of dye then they should all be bought at the same time, and all mixed in a larger container before application to ensure colour consistency throughout. Colours can vary from batch to batch. THINNING Thin with our Interior Wood Dye Thinners, both for cleaning and to lessen the intensity of a colour. MIXING All colours can be mixed with each other to create your own bespoke tint. Always mix up enough to complete your job to ensure colour consistency across the whole surface. USAGE OVERVIEW Can be applied using a brush, cloth, sponge or by dipping. The wood should be clean and dry, and can optionally have been grain filled first with our Thixotropic or Water Based Grain Fillers. Whatever the method, apply liberally and wipe off any excess. Overlap applications to blend edges. In most conditions the dye will be touch dry and recoatable within 15-30 minutes. Allow at least 2 hours before coating with a suitable protective top coat of lacquer, varnish or oil. COMPATIBILITY Suitable for use on all unfinished, untreated woods. Can be coated with all of our spray and brush varnishes, lacquers and oils.

Brand: dartfords
Product Type: Interior Spirit Based Wood Dye
Colour Group: brown
Colour and Pattern: Lightest Brown
Liquid Volume: 1litre
Finishing System: wood dye
Usage: interior
Application Method: cloth,sponge,brush,spray,dip
Parent SKU: FS5441
MPN: FS5441
EAN: 5055719944515
Case Barcode: 5055720119629
Case Quantity: 5.0
Country of Origin: GB