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Mixol Oxide White Universal Stainer - 20ml

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Mixol multi-purpose stainer and tinting concentrate is a high quality product that has proven itself for more than 35 years. It is highly concentrated and can be added to almost any type of paint and/or coating materials. Mixol is not a ready-made paint, but a binder-free concentrate. It can only be used when added to a ready made paint/material. Depending on the paint/material concerned, Mixol can be added up to a maximum of 10% by weight. But considering that it is highly concentrated, you can obtain best results by adding a minimum of Mixol. Not all kinds of materials are tintable. Please first test that the materials are compatible and do not seperate. As a rule, the following materials can be tinted with Mixol: Radiator paints, epoxy resin paints, fillers and primers, polyurethane paints, synthetic resin paints, hammer-tone finishes, latex emulsion finishes, nitro-cellulose lacquers, polymer emulsion paints, chlorinated rubber paints, acrylic and alkyd resin paints, cold-water paints, cement colourings, water-based paints, acrylic latex paints, concrete floor paints, synthetic latex paints, glue-bound distempers, plasters and renderings, scumbles, stains and wood waxes, spactling pastes, pre-mixed fibrous and filler materials. The maximum additions are: 10 % to latex and/or emulsion paints, 5–8% to paints, lacquers, varnishes, high-solids, 6% to acrylic paints, 3–5 % to transparent and/or clear lacquers, transparent paints, glazes, wood stains, waxes etc., 3% for silicate and silicone paints and/or coatings. Use only Mixol oxide tints in varnishes low in or free from aromatic compounds or in paints containing silicate or silicone resin.

Manufacturer: Mixol
Brand: Mixol
Range: Oxide
Product Type: Universal Stainer
Colour and Pattern: White
Liquid Volume: 20ml
Parent SKU: RF4232
MPN: RF4232
EAN: 4002926250206
Country of Origin: DEU