Wood Dye Compatibility Chart

The ranges of ready-to-use and powdered wood dyes we offer will mix with and go over/under various finishes depending on the type, and solvent used. The table below gives an overview of which finishes each dye is compatible with, and any particular usage guidelines.

Thinning & Mixing Ratios

Some of our wood dyes can be mixed directly into finishes, and for this we usually state a maximum %. But what does this mean?

If we say “Add up to 5%” this means that we recommend a maximum ratio of 5% dye to 95% finish. On this basis, if you are mixing a litre of finish, then you would add a maximum of 50ml of dye to 950ml of finish.

Any dye that you add should come out of the allowance for thinners. Here’s an example:

Recommended thinning ratio 20%, i.e. 80% finish to 20% thinners

Adding 5% dye would reduce the amount of thinner used to 15%

If mixing a litre, the final mixture will therefore be 800ml finish, 150ml thinners and 50ml dye

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Simon Hurley

Founder and Managing Director

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