Aniline Powdered Dyes (Alcohol Soluble)

Powdered aniline dyes which are soluble in alcohol for creating your own liquid dyes. Colours can be mixed for custom blends. Available in wood and rainbow colours, these dyes are particularly suited to indoor furniture and guitars.

As well as being used directly on to the wood surface, when dissolved this dye can be mixed with various solvent-based lacquers such as nitrocellulose for making tinted sprayable lacquers. Our highly concentrated dyes give excellent colour depth. If using in this way we recommend thinning with the usual Shellac & Aniline Thinners, with a dash of Acetone to prevent clumping when mixed with lacquer.

Alcohol soluble aniline dyes are susceptible to fading when exposed to daylight. For a more lightfast alternative consider our water soluble aniline dyes, lightfast spirit based dye, or concentrated tinter dyes.

Available sizes: 15g, 50g
Coverage: 15g yields 1-2 litres of liquid dye when mixed
Available colours: Chart coming soon