TruSpray Aerosol Technology

Aerosols offer great convenience even for those who have full spray gun facilities, particularly for smaller one-off jobs and repairs where cleaning your kit could take longer than spraying itself.

There’s a common complaint with most aerosols, though, that the spray is too thin, prone to drips and doesn’t give the quality of finish given by a spray gun or HVLP kit. To get around this and make our aerosols what we believe to be the best available for guitar and interior furniture finishing we have worked to develop a proprietary combination of propellant, thinners and finish.

The end result? Well, our aerosols:

  • Spray finish of the same consistency as a spray gun.
  • Provide excellent coverage and colour intensity.
  • Are less prone to orange-peel.
  • Utilise thinners specially developed for each finish to improve finish performance and ease application.
  • Contain 50% more finish per can compared to standard aerosols.
  • Combine professional results with exceptional value.

TruSpray technology now features in our Cellulose Paint, Nitrocellulose Lacquer and Professional Acrylic Lacquer aerosols.